Saturday, August 28, 2004

On the road between El-Azhr and Al-Ybi -

Tonight, as I make my way to my next destination, supper consists soley of a 250 gram bag of Smokey Bacon Lays Potato Chips procured from a shop in a dark corner of Old El-Azhr's bazaar.

I’m swaddled in traditional peasant robes, and hunkered down in a wagon buried beneath sacks of waste cloth. It’s night, and peering out from my hiding spot, I glimpse a shot of the moon in the navy sky as the clip-clopping of horse's hooves fill my ears and the stench from the beasts invades my nose. I’m wondering if this is the best way I could have found to travel. I briefly consider jumping out and walking the rest of the distance.

Then I come to my senses.

To wile away the time I decide that I should puruse the nutritional facts on the back of the chip bag. At first I'm dismayed to find that by eating the entire bag, (five times more than the suggested 50 gram serving), I've already consumed 125% of my suggested daily fat intake.

Moving down the list, however, my spirits are lifted as I find that I've also consumed 20% of the suggested daily intakes for Vitamin A, Niacin, and Iron - and a whopping 75% of the Vitamin C. And this at a cost of only 45% of my daily carbohydrate intake!

Upon discovery of this information I immediately resolve to eat more Lays potato chips.

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