Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dr Pitch update

Oh, lord. The story of Dr Pitch did not wind up being short at all. In fact, it's nowhere near the 5500 words I projected. I've completed a bare bones 1st draft today, and it's already come it at 9300 words. That is already outside the realm of short stories and well into the realm of the novelette. And it's only going to get longer once I actually start adding flavour to it.

Oh well. Being unsaleable at this length as a stand-alone just means that I'll include it in the anthology I'm working on. The title I finally decided on for this story is Five Witnesses to Dr Pitch's Final Experiment. (Subject to change.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Completed Amidst Shadows They Wait. Really happy with the finished product - now I just have to start searching for a home for it. Found a couple new markets to try out, but not much in the way of anthologies where I'd prefer to submit.

Hopefully I'll have time to work on Dr Pitch this weekend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dr Pitch

Been busy sort of casually working on a new short story tentatively titled Five Witnesses to Dr Pitch's Ascension. Have the first two chapterettes complete, and a very rough outline for the remainder of the story.

I'm really going to try to keep this one under 5000 words this time. I feel pretty sure that I'll be able to pull it off. With the first two chapterettes complete, the story sits at around 1500 words, and I feel like it's already 1/3 complete, so that should put me at around 4500 words when finished. We'll see.

I haven't looked at Amidst Shadows for awhile. It's complete but for a final proofread, and I've always felt this task is better done when I've given myself some distance from the work. Perhaps another week.