Thursday, January 22, 2004


I was over at a friend's parents house for supper. We were sitting at this long table. I was wearing a dress. A nice dress I suppose, but a dress nonetheless. For appetizers the host brought out this carton - kind of like a chocolate box - and passed it around. Everyone was passing on the offer except for one large gentleman at the other end of the table who scooped up a serving and shovelled it into his mouth with glee. When the carton got around to me I opened it up and found it to be filled with tiny puppies, each in an individual slot. Revolted, I quickly tried closing the lid, but this one frisky puppy kept trying to escape. Over and over I tried closing the lid but the puppy kept squirming about trying to get out. Finally I managed to slip a finger under the lid to hold the little guy in place while I slipped the lid shut. I, being at the last person offered the box, put it on the serving table. The dinner went well and the food was fantastic, but I was worried the whole time about soiling my dress. After dinner when all the guests had retired to the sitting room, I stayed to help clean up the dishes. Spying the carton of puppies I decided to open it up and have a peek. Doing so I found all the puppies lifeless - dead. Worried that maybe I had killed them, I closed the lid once more and kind of gave them a little shake to settle them neatly back into their respective slots. I set the carton down and joined the others in the sitting room, but could not take my mind off the puppies.

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