Friday, January 2, 2004


I’m gonna burst through and become something new. Kick off my shoes and go on a real wild ride, ya know? Rock ‘n’ roll. Lock ‘n’ load. I’ll jack into that sun and steal the airwaves - surf the deadly curl of Aurora Borealis – slip on down through a crack in the atmosphere. Putting on a pile of parkas, I’ll be back on that beach in Spain; the one where I met that fish that time. A real looker, too. He’ll realise just how right I really am after I take all those tests. Ace them all. Throw them right out the window with all that other junk. Stuff ya don’t need, but will gladly snatch up at my neighbour’s next garage sale. Mortgage your destiny and liquidate providence. I’ve a coveted ticket to the big show, the big debut scheduled for early next millennium. It’s gonna be a real party, like. Ya’ll are invited, too, if you know the right folks. Thinkin’ folks. People you knew back then in the good ol’ days – real philosophers, too. Back when a philosopher’s only job was to think. Take me back ahead to that time. Strand me there. I’ll call when I’m ready to come home.

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