Friday, July 1, 2005

Twenty-first Century Lights

In the future everything will be as it was in the past and is in the present: a tiny ball of rock teeming with a confused orgy of uni and multicellular organisms, both simple and complex, so hard to tell which is which; all equal, all living large at the exact centre of an all-too-infinite universe, taking, taking, taking, creating life from life. Yes, in the future everything will be as it was in the past and is in the present: atoms rushing.

You're not easily caught up in the inanity of everyday life. You know it matters not, so you don't let the scrambling of your fellow organisms bother you: all hustle and bustle, frantically racing - a mad dash towards the end. Towards nothing but death, decay, the breaking down into component parts. Oh, and the afterlife: not a loss of energy, but a transference. Your eternal life. Completing a cycle. Forever and always.

It's late at night, and you're in the back seat of a cab on your way from one place to the next. Shining eyes reflecting back at you from the blackened side window, you labour through small talk with the driver. Another nameless city piled high above you, bright, your neck cranes, and your eyes drift skyward. Skyward towards progress - towards an evolvement, a maturation, a ripening. Ready to be consumed or decay. Ready to be picked or fall from the tree, these twenty-first century lights.

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