Tuesday, August 2, 2005


A bug: unimportant, inessential, dispensable. Insignificant, the world does not need it - yeah, you've felt like that. In your mind, you somehow exist outside the butterfly effect. You could go and away, and no-one would notice, no-one would care. All jacked up on self-indulgent pity, feeling sorry for yourself, you sit alone in your room and cry. You push away those who love you - your anger towards others is paralleled only by your own self-loathing. Spinning out of control, you set out on a safari of errors culminating in one giant mistake.

So, you took a wrong turn - now what? You'll have just enough self-respect, and respect for those around you, to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get on with things. There's no room in this world for another small time soap opera, some second-rate melodrama. There's just enough room for you. Not some giant you puffed-up, expanded by theatrics, displacing everyone else. No, only you. Harsh? Naw - realistic. You'll figure out that you have to live your life your way, for you. That you need to stop looking for yourself in others. That you have to create your own importance, your own reason for existing. That you need to stop projecting an image and just start being who you are - and that self matters.

A bug: unimportant, inessential, dispensable - things you're not. Quit it.

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