Thursday, March 31, 2005


When the music's over
Turn out the lights

-Jim Morrison

Life is(in no particular order):

-Appreciating a sunrise or sunset.
-Savouring that first coffee of the day.
-Reading wonderful words.
-Cooking a flavourful meal.
-Enjoying said meal.
-Painting a picture.
-Laughing with my wife.
-Telling a terrible joke.
-Learning something new.
-Eating pizza in the park.
-Feeding the squirrels.
-Visiting with family.
-Drinking a beer (or ten).
-Composing a piece of music.
-Listening to another's music.
-Writing a poem.
-Napping on the couch with my cat.
-Helping a friend.
-Taking a road trip.
-Meeting new people.

When my ability to enjoy
These things is gone,
Please ensure that I am gone as well-
For without them
Life has already left.

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