Friday, January 21, 2005

just listen

Unlock the door-
With two hands and eighty-eight keys,
You will lead the way.

-today is a loud buzz in the ear of Yesterday. Time: one of two things to be fascinated by, the other being the ocean. And what does it mean to be fascinated by something? The ocean fascinates because I've never experienced it, and time fascinates because-

-there is timelessness in the chords you play. You - a body trapped in time - can sit across from me at the piano, your fingers striking the keys, poking tiny holes in the fabric of time, itself. A line from one of your songs: " move in and out of time." Of all your lyrics, I hope, most, that this one was written about me. Are we unaffected, then, while you strike those keys? The word has a dual meaning: not affected, and genuine. And both apply to us in this instant-

-just listen...

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