Thursday, April 1, 2004

Nytol dreams.

Diving into blue ice water, I take the path of least resistance and swim down, further and further, until I reach the bottom. There, I come across a girl with long flowing hair; her off-blonde locks swim about her head as she opens her mouth to speak.

She tells me lies.

She tells me of her home - a sphere of rock and water circling a gaseous, giant planet which, in turn, orbits a star much like my Sun. I call her bluff, but my words are trapped in air bubbles that scurry up to the surface of the lake. She tells me that I'm silly to think that life can exist only as I know it: breathing air, walking the earth, flying the skies, swimming the water. I tell her she's crazy - again, the air bubbles.

Smiling, she asks: "have you forgotten where you are?"

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