Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Somewhere, there is a city whose citizens entertain not with the quantity of their talk, but with the quality. A city that at least tries to be witty. Somewhere, there is a city whose politicians at least pretend to care. Who cover up their biases. A city that poses more questions than answers. A city that makes you think. Somewhere, there's a city that is beautiful after dark, under the moon. A city where you're not afraid of what the shadows hold, but, instead, you relish the darkness for it's potential. There's a city measured not by the height of it's buildings, but by the height a young lover must climb to reach the balcony of his Love. Somewhere, there is a city that cherishes creativity, and rejects the mundane. A city where time spent on a restaurant patio is considered far more valuable than time spent in a cubicle. Somewhere, there is a city. A city with at least one of these things. A city that is always somewhere else.

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