Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Three Colourful Fish

I was fishing with Jesus on the sandy bank of a river - it's waters smooth, and the sky above a surreal off-blue hue. His rod was a lot better than mine, and when I remarked on this Jesus offered to trade. I accepted the offer, thinking I might catch more fish.


I'm underwater watching three colourful fish swimming by - one swims faster than the rest, almost showing off, it's colours flash in the glimmering sunlight. I watch it disappear, quick, around a rocky ledge.


The bank of the river again with Jesus. I turn to him and ask: "Jesus, how is it that one fish can swim faster than another? Aren't they all equipped the same?" And Jesus smiled sagely replying, "Yes, but God loves some creatures more than others." Shortly thereafter I felt a tug my line. Upon reeling up my catch, I was surprised to find that I had caught the fast-swimming fish. I turned to Jesus. He just shrugged.

End dream.

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