Sunday, November 2, 2003

Conversation: avec du fromage

ALISTAIR: I need something - something to take away from all of this. This can't all be for nothing.
NIKOLETTE: Damn it, Alistair! Do you have to find the prize in everything?
ALISTAIR: What else is there?
-Nikolette stands in silence, her arms crossed over her chest, staring out across the ocean.
ALISTAIR (CONT'D): I just know we'll never see each other again...
NIKOLETTE (turning to Alistair): And how could we, Alistair? Considering everything-
ALISTAIR: Exactly. So say my name.
NIKOLETTE (in disbelief): What?
ALISTAIR: Just once more, say my name.
NIKOLETTE: I - I don't understand.
ALISTAIR: I know that our love was short-lived, but I want you to leave with my name on your lips.
ALISTAIR: The way your image haunts my mind when you leave a room, the way your scent clings to my clothes when you're far away, the way your taste lingers on my tongue when you pull your mouth from mine, so it is that I want my name to rest on your lips when you say goodbye.
NIKOLETTE (looking away): I can't.
ALISTAIR: You can. It is but a simple word, a meaningless sound, invisible waves that flow from your mouth-
ALISTAIR: -to my waiting ears.
NIKOLETTE: Good bye, Alistair.
-And with that, she walks off down the boardwalk, not looking back.
-Alistair makes no attempt to stop her, but, instead, smiles as he watches the darkness envelope her.

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